Samtat Shanghai Arts & Crafts Centre is known as the purveyor of fine arts. We carry with us the passion for Chinese dynasties inspired furniture, sculptures, paintings, porcelain wares, ornaments, potter and exquisite traditional Chinese classical furniture in Rosewood 花梨木, Blackwood 酸枝木, “Huanghuali” wood 黄花梨木, “Jichi” wood 鸡翅木, Zitan 紫檀木 and others. From household to office furniture, be sure to find yourself falling in love with our contemporary and antique designs. We customize furniture, cushions and covers for clients who want to turn their inspirations into reality. Here, we can make your old furniture look absolutely new with our restoration, repairing and polishing services. Our entire inventories are rich in tradition and have been sought after by private collectors and avid lovers of aesthetic and historical artifacts. We pride ourselves on our delicate designs and exceptional quality, rendering a feel of beauty and serenity to our valued lovers of fine art.

Be it for collection or presenting purposes, Samtat Shanghai Arts & Crafts Centre has the ideal choices for you at the most competitive rates.